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Swimming pool Construction

Swimming pool Construction

Arrdevpools are the swimming pool construction expert and had done more than 300 pools in last 10   years.

The expertise lies in applying modern method and workman ship. These factors have provided us the track record of no leaked pool in last 10 years which were constructed by us.

Designing :

  1. First process is to design or to formulate the Architects drawing into working drawing from structural point of view.
  2. For Olympic and semi-Olympic pools all provisions for international law and guide lines are incorporated.
  3. The safety and associated utilities building are considered as required such as balancing tanks, filter rooms, overflow channel etc.
Swimming pool Construction

Civil Construction :

Swimming pool Construction
  1. Excavation in soil and compaction of soil is the most important part of any pool to be constructed. As loose soil is one of the main reason of sinking of swimming pools.
  2. Plain concrete cement for footings and floor of swimming pool of desired thickness and mix.
  3. Wall in brickwork for desired shapes and elevations. The wall provide support and construction of work as shuttering(permanent).
  4. The steel work is slightly different from the normal concrete work. Two- three layers of steel tor and wielded mesh is provided for RCC or short creete. The short creet is the method of RCC with water proofing.
  5. After water proofing the pool is tested for water retention for 100% water proofing.

Mechanical Work :

  1. In overflow channel method we uses the piping during civil work with co-ordination of overflow channel, balancing tank and filter room.
  2. If we are going for Pipeless filters, multifunctional filters or wall hung filter that  remove the need of piping at all.(in those cases any agency can perform the civil work).
  3. The filters are designed as per the requirement, all valves and valve chambers are provided.
  4. The filtration plant with filter, pump ,chemical doser etc. are place and fixed.
Swimming pool Construction

Finishing Work :

Swimming pool Construction

  1. After concreting work and water proofing the most important work is to select the tiles and stone for outer finishing as these are the main finishes of swimming pool.
  2. The tiles are of three types: Glass mosaic 20x20mm size, Hand made tiles usually 50 x50 mm and ceramic tiles. Some time the stone is also the finishing of swimming pool.
  3. On deck area the planters and foot decking is provided. The stone, granite or tiles can be the finish wood is also great idea, but wood timely maintenance.

Electrical Work :

  1. The pool inside and out side area looks good during night if provided proper lighting.
  2. The under water lights are different and work on 12 volt that is 100% safe and functional.
  3. The LED lights, fibre optic lights are also in fashion.
  4. The outside lights are also equally important for any swimming pool. It provides safety to swimmers andaesthetic to swimming pool surroundings.
Swimming pool Construction

Pool Accessories :

Swimming pool Construction
  1. Swimming pool ladders should be anti-slippery. The side bars are fixed for safety. Water out let nozzles, overflow grating are the items which are fixed after finishing completes.
  2. Swimming pool is a activity area which should be designed with various add on features.
  3. The pool can have Jacuzzi, kids pool area, whirl pool, water slides, bar stools, water fall or fountains add to the utility and aesthetic to swimming pool.

Pool Maintenance :

  1. Making swimming pool is a easier work than maintaining it. No pool looks good if not filled.
  2. SO the after sales and the maintenance is the important part of any swimming pool.
  3. The owner should be aware of maintenance part of swimming pool weather he want to maintain his pool himself or he will engage the person to maintain it.
  4. All things should be decided prior to start building the swimming pool.
  5. There are three type of treatment and methods of water treatment. Physical is taken care by Water filter, chemical- by keeping the correct ph value and the biological which is the disinfection of pool with anti bacterial products i.e. chlorine, ozone or UV.
Swimming pool Construction

Swimming Pool Safety :

Swimming pool Construction
  1. Swimming pools are the most accident prone zone so the safety of swimming pool are well taken care .
  2. The pool cover, holding bars, depth of swimming pool, lighting arrangement are the aspects to make pool safe.
  3. Some life saving items are must if something happens at pool. ieo life Buoy, life jackets, shepherd hook, first aid kit, artificial respiratory system.
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