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Pool Circulation Pumps

Whirlpool Bath Pumps :

These are single stage centrifugal pumps designed to operate with compact hydro massage equipments. They are equipped with total emptying system to prevent the discharge of residual liquid in each stopping.

These pumps are designed to operate with clean water at a maximum water temperature of 4.C-50.C. Built of top quality materials; they are subjected to strict hydraulic and electrical controls and are carefully verified.

Packing List :

These pumps are pressure pumps for creating flow with pressure in sand filters. They can be operated with single and three phases.

Model Flow rate
Head max.


L W(Kg)
APWP-50 150 9.3
0.37 0.50
443 9.0
APWP-100 300 13.2
0.75 1.00
490 12.0
APSP-150 430 16.5
1.10 1.50
537 13.5
APSP-200 520 18.0
1.50 2.02
537 15
APSP-300 635 20.0
2.20 3.0
598 17

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