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Jaccizi size: 10ft x 6 ft x 3ft.

Technical Data Sheet :

1 SPA tub 3000mm x1800mm x900mm
2 Water filter- 25 micron cartridge filter with  inlet and outlet 50mm 1 no
3 Circulation pump single phase ½ hp. 1 set
4 Water heater 3 kw 1 set
5 Jaccuzi pump set 1.5 kw with six jet  nozzles each 12 nozzels
6 Air Blower 1hp with 56 jet bubblers 1 set
7 Under water lights 5 no’s
8 Five seater 1+4 seater
  Jaccuzi   Jaccuzi   Jaccuzi  
  Still water in spa   Air nozzles in operation   Jaccuzi and air whrilpool  
  Jaccuzi   Jaccuzi   Jaccuzi  
  9x6 ft Jaccuzi   Transperent walls overflow jaccuzi   5 ft Dia jaccuzi tub  
  Jaccuzi   Jaccuzi   Jaccuzi  
  4 x6 ft Rectangular jaccuzi tub   2.5 ft x 6 ft jaccuzi lounge   wodden top frestanding jaccuzi  
  Jaccuzi   Jaccuzi   Jaccuzi  
  jacuzzi 6 x4 ft   jacuzzi 6 x4 ft   jacuzzi 6 x4 ft  
  Jaccuzi   Jaccuzi    
  jacuzzi 6 x4 ft   jacuzzi 6 x4 ft    

Glass double wall on one side Jaccuzi.

SPA Bed / Jacuzzi Sitting For Concrete Swimming Pools :

Size of lounge : 700 mm wide and 1800 mm long.
No’s of nozzles : 9 no’s
Jacuzzi pump set : 1.5 hp.
Material of construction : Acrylic based fibre glass.
U Shape : 1 Person Sitting

These are fibre made Jacuzzi jet equipped sitting for swimming pools.

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