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Integral Filtration Plant

Integral Filtration Unit

A) concealed Pipeless Filter for Swimming Pool :

Integral Filtration
Integral Filtration

This filter is concealed  into the wall of swimming pool or water body. This is filtration and circulation is provided at the back in deck area.

This unit fixed on wall of more than 200 mm  at any one wall of swimming pool.

Technical features :

Filtration capacity 7500 liters/hr. (Domestic swimming pools)
5000 Liters/hr.(Public swimming pools)

One unit is for swimming pool surface up to  500 sq ft.(25ft x20ftx4ft)
for bigger pool the multiple unit is required.

Packing List :

Cartidge Filter (Filter area-5sqm) sand filter 2 no's
Circulation pump Single phase   0.7 KW 1 no
Skimmer 1 no
Water out let nozzle 40 mm diameter 1 no
Hose pipe 10meter floating flexible for floor cleaner 1 no
Floor cleaner 300x300mm 1 no
Leaf Net 1 no
Wall Brush 1 no
Water testing kit 1 no
Electrical Control box 1 set

Optional Items:

1 Electrical Water Heater  4 kW
2 Ozone Generator   4 GSM
  Integral Filtration   Integral Filtration   Integral Filtration  
  Filter Concealed into wall   Filter on long wall   Filter on short wall of Reflection pool  
  Integral Filtration   Integral Filtration   Integral Filtration  
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