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Hydrotherapy Pools

Arrdevpools Hydrotherapy Pools Proposal For Hospitals And Clinics :

Hydrotherapy Pools
Hydrotherapy Pool

Arrdevpools is the most advance company of area of swimming pools and have 15 years experience with us.

We wanted to suggest you a proposal of Arrdevpools HYDROTHREAPY POOL at you hospital or clinic. We already had made Hydrotherapy pool at Indian Spinal Injury Centre, Vasant Kunj, Delhi, and Soham Nursing Home, Asian Hospital and Sun flag Hospital at Faridabad.

We are offering the Hydrotherapy pool made of fibre glass at your establishment. This will increase you base of customer and will also provide an added services for the existing patient in your hospital, nursing home or clinic.

We have different size of hydrotherapy pool which can be accommodate in your place and requirement. The minimum size of pool start from 9.6ft x 7.5 ft x 4 ft and it can go up to 31ft x15 ft x 4ft .

Each pool is self supporting and made in single piece. Hydrotherapy pools are made for patient. As the steps to go into pool is enough wide and less deep. Side hand rail is provided to get into pool. Side bars are provided with extra strength.

The step and floor are anti skid and have designs which prevent the slippery floor as in case of liner pools.

Hydrotherapy pools are made with single structure and do not have any kind of seepage or leakage and we can shift these pools at any location as required. These pools even can be sold in second hand market. (Other liner pools are fixed and have no value after use).

Now each pool with heating system and counter current water wave system is equipped with UV water disinfectant system along with stretch bands and water floaters with safety jackets.(no need of water for swimming pool same water will run for a year).

Business Proposal :

Your space our pools is the basic idea of this scheme. According to the size of Hydrotherapy pools the no of users are decided. As it is always the bigger the pool more users more profits. But we are taking the minimum size and minimum no of patient for the case study.

Minimum Profits Estimations :

No’s of patient in one smallest pool (9.5x7.5 x4ft) : 4-8 patient can use this pool at one point of time.

The session is of 30 minutes each. And each day we can have 10 sessions keeping the lunch time and in between transit period. ( 5 hrs a day) .

40 patient can use the pool daily and each session will be of @Rs.500/- so the each day collection will be at least Rs.20000/-. So the monthly estimate will be around Rs.5 Lac. (we can assume 60-70% occupancy). (Rs.3.25 Lac).

Now new pool will cost you 4.5 lac upfront cost and them the maintenance cost of around @Rs.10000/ month.

  Hydrotherapy Pools   Hydrotherapy Pools   Hydrotherapy Pools  
  commerical hydrothreapy pool   hydrothreapy pool hand bars   hydrothreapy pool steps  
  Hydrotherapy Pools   Hydrotherapy Pools      
  patient hydrolic chair   society no.      

We are proposing you the two type of proposal :

  1. You pay us monthly rent of hydrotherapy pool. Which is @Rs.30000/- month in which we will take care for the pool maintenance as well.(for bigger size the rent will be different).
  2. Second option - you taking 70% and we will take 30% of the revenue in profit. The cost of maintenance will be extra.

So you will be earning at least 2.5-3 lac every month after paying rent or profit.

We will be providing you the pool with all systems and will take security of 30% of cost of Hydrotherapy pool. +tpt +fixing cost.

The security will be refunded in case of pool is returned (the lock in period will be 3 years). Other cost will be around 1.5 lac for deck. Or other ambience decoration.(apart from space). (So in one – two month there will be breakeven point including the cost of security.) Thanking you with hope of positive business with you.

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