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Filtration Plant For Swimming Pool And Fountains

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge Filters

The cartridge filters are been used for water filtration of spa, swimming pools and fountains. These filters provide economy, high performance and convenience in a well design pressure filter. The polyester element can be removed quickly for rinse cleaning without water loss. Cartridge filters feature large filter areas, which ensure even water distribution, peak filtration performance and longer filter cycle.

The sparkling water of swimming pool :

Cartridge filtration is an effective trouble – free proven method of filtration. Pool water enters the filter and passes through a polyester single element cartridge. Suspended particles are trapped and the water is returned to the swimming pool. As the build-up of dirt in the element increases, so the water pressure rises and the flow decreases. When the pressure reaches an unacceptable level, the element is removed and cleaned.(spray washing with a common garden hose is generally sufficient).

The filters are available in size :

Arrdevpools Model Height Mm Diameter Mm Filtration area square meter(m2) Design Flow (m3/hr)
Apcf-25 425 225 2.3 11
APCF-50 605 225 4.7 14
APCF-75 781 225 7 17
APCF-100 961 225 9.4 19
APCF-150 1141 225 13.94 24
Cartridge Filters
Cartridge Filter
Item Description Qty
1 Pressure Gauge 1
2 O'ring 1
3 Air Bleed Screw 1
4 Air Bleed Screw O'ring 1
5 Lock Ring 1
6 Filter Lid 1
7 Filter Lid O'ring 1
8 Cartridage Element 1
9 Air Bleed Tube 1
10 Filter Body 1
11 Union Nut 2
12 Union Head 2
13 O'ring 2
14 Union Head 2
15 Blanking Cap 1
Cartridge Filters
Internal of Cartridge Filter
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